About Tegwyn

Photo Credit Adrian McLeish, Dragon Fire Photography`

I often get stuck when I have to write a bio for myself as there are so many things that I have done, in so many different areas, I feel that it is hard to narrow down an ‘about me’ piece.

I have worked in the field of Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Consultations for the better part of 18 years now. I have used every divination tool at my disposal to create a healing and consultative environment within the realm of the spiritual understanding of where we all find ourselves. I have worked with many people from all types of backgrounds and in almost every field of work.

The tools I use have primarily been Hand Analysis (Chirology), Tarot Consultations, Rune Consultations and many more. I have worked with and helped many regression clients over the years and I have had the privilege of seeing how my work has helped so many people.

I am always available for consultations, either in person or over Skype, FaceTime, FaceBook chat or over the phone.

I work very specifically with sexual and relationship issues in many cases but my work is not limited to this type of consultation.

Please have a look at my contacts page should you wish to make an appointment with me.